G.Hauptmann: Before Sunset (dir. Michal Vajdička, 2018)





A well-off seventy-year-old falls in love with a twenty-year-old woman. At a time when he no longer expected anything from life – metaphorically, before sunset – he recovers his zest. Life, which had been slowly nearing its end, suddenly regains its charm and beauty. Except that his family perceives a threat in the relationship. The children, who are used to being the centre of their father’s attention since the death of their mother, cannot deal with the fact that their place has been taken by a strange, unfamiliar figure: that their father is no longer theirs, that he has not remained faithful to the remembrance of their mother. They take their father’s new partner for a gold digger who intends to deprive them of their inheritance. They decide to ‘protect’ their father from her and from himself, and so unleash a storm of events that ends in tragedy. A powerful family drama by a Nobel Prize-winning author.