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    In a small town where dreams come true, Vojta and Albina have distinct wishes - Vojta wants a grandmother and Albina desires a pet. On Vojta's eight birthday, a magical moment occurs, triggering a chain of events. Voita gains a grandmother, Jarmila, and Albina gets a snake, Mr Boo. While Jarmila wishes to visit Oblik's hill for her late husband, Mr Boo too wishes to visit the hill to reunite with his fellow snakes. Despite initial differences, Vojta and Albina soon realise that cooperation is the key to success. They decide to take Jarmila and Mr Boo up to Oblik to fulfill their wishes. They embark on an adventure across town, with pursuers hot on their tails. Who will be the first to reach the hill?

  • Production

    Producers: Matej Chlupáček BARLETTA /CZ/, Agata Novinski NOVINSKI /SK/, Marc Faye NOVANIMA /FR/
    Director: Kristina Dufková
    Expected release: 2027

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    Slovak Audiovisual Fund
    Czech Film Fund