About the film: a quiet story about a man waiting for an important surgery. After he learns he’s facing the possibility of only having a few months to live, he embarks on a vagrant journey with only a “deadline” – 5 October.
From the notes in his diary and his daily search for a place to spend the night, we discover what he is running away from: fear, discomfort, testing weather conditions, and his deteriorating health. Reality, however, keeps reminding him of what lies ahead – a surgery with possibly fatal consequences.

5 OCTOBER (5. október)
a documentary film, SK-CZ 2015

Director & scriptwriter: Martin Kollar
DoP: Martin Kollar
Editor: Alexandra Gojdičová, Marek Šulík
Sound design: Tobias Potočný
Composer: Michal Novinski
Producers: Ivan Ostrochovský, Tereza Polachová, Jiři Konečný, Martin Kollar
Production companies: Punkchart films (SK), HBO Europe, endorfilm (CZ), 71km (SK)

Premiere: Rotterdam IFF 2016

Music samples: