NOVINSKI s.r.o. is a music and film production company based in Bratislava, Slovakia. NOVINSKI has been established in 2005 by an acclaimed music producer and composer Michal Novinski. Since then, the company has produced music to numerous TV series, awarded fiction and documentary films and commercials home and abroad, i.a. Broken Promise (dir. Jiri Chlumsky), Kooky (dir. Jan Sverak) – Czech Lion Award for Best Original Score, In The Shadow (dir. David Ondricek) – Czech Lion Award for Best Original Score, Angels (dir. Alice Nellis), Three Brothers (dir. Jan Sverak), Wilsonov (dir. Tomas Masin), wave vs. shore (dir. Martin Strba) and many others.

NOVINSKI established a film production branch in 2014 after a young Polish producer, Danuta Krasnohorska, joined the company. NOVINSKI’s first co-production was a feature fiction film Three Brothers directed by Jan Sverak, which gathered over 700.000 viewers in Slovak and Czech cinemas. The soundtrack for the film becomes one of the best-selling CD in Czech Republic in 2014/2015.
Agata Jelenekova and Jana Brezinova joined the production team in 2017 and are working on new projects and coproductions which are coming soon.

The goal of NOVINSKI is to bring high-quality film projects of Central European film directors that can enrich Slovak cinema.


BAREFOOT ON STALKS (Po strništi bos, 2017) directed by Jan Svěrák

Barefoot on Stalks is a coming-of-age story of 8-yrs-old Eda, who is forced to leave Prague and spend war times in the countryside after his father rejects to affiliate with Nazi invadors of Czechoslovakia. The war provides mysterious adventures to Eda whose childish eyes can‘t percieve danger of difficult times. For him life feels strange but beautiful now – city boy lives in a tiny town, joins local boyish crew to spend days walking barefoot, notices beauty of girls for the first time and discovers both deep family secrets and his own bravery. Barefoot is a lyrical feature film about childhood and heroism.

Director: Jan Svěrák
Script: Zdeněk Svěrák
Music composer: Michal Novinski

Production: Biograf Jan Sverak (cz), NOVINSKI (sk), Phoenix Film (dk)
Co-producers: Czech Television, Slovak Television RTVS
Supported by Czech State Cinematography Fund and Slovak Audiovisual Fund

You can find the DVD and Soundtrack in many bookstores around Slovakia.


OFFICIAL TRAILER | Po strinsku bosý / Po strništi bos rež. Jan Svěrák from Michal Novinski on Vimeo.


Official poster

THREE BROTHERS (Tři bratři, 2014) directed by Jan Svěrák

Parents of three brothers decide to send their sons out into the world. They are ment to overcome their character flaws, find themselves a bride and look after family farm. While pilgrimage the brothers enter famous fairy tales that bring many traps, unexpected situations a maybe even love.

Musical fairy tale The Three Brothers serves advanture, surprising moments and kind-hearted humour. Story including popular songs were created by famous Czech authors Zdenek Sverak and Jaroslav Uhlir.

For a long time director Jan Sverak has been searching for a right fairy tale theme to collaborate with his father, screenplay writer Zdenek Sverak again. Cast includes well-known actors such as Tomas Klus, Vojtech Dyk, Zdenek Piskula, Oldrich Kaiser, Jiri Labus, Ivana Chylkova, Bolek Polivka and many others.

Director: Jan Svěrák
Script: Zdeněk Svěrák
Music composer: Jaroslav Uhlíř, Michal Novinski
Sound design: Jakub Čech, Claus Lynge

Starring: Tomáš Klus, Vojtěch Dyk, Zdeněk Piškula, Jiří Lábus, Zuzana Norisová

Production: Biograf Jan Svěrák, CZ
Co-production: Phoenix Film, DK, NOVINSKI, SK

You can find the DVD, Audiobook and Soundtrack in many bookstores around Slovakia, or you can simply buy it.


JAN SVERAK: MOVIEMAKER’S MASTERCLASS (Lekcia filmu Jan Svěrák, 2017) directed by Juraj Krasnohorský

Master class with an Oscar awarded Czech director Jan Svěrák made in the event of filming his new piece Barefoot On Stalks.

Director: Juraj Krasnohorský
Music composer: Michal Novinski

Starring: Jan Svěrák

TV Premiere: 22.8.2017

Production: NOVINSKI, SK
Co-production: RTVS Slovenská televizia, SK, Biograf Jan Svěrák, CZ


upcoming projects..

PERSONA GRATA | directed by Daniela Krajčová / animated short film



LIVING LARGE ( Keď život chutí ) | directed by Kristina Dufková / animated family film

Producers: Barletta CZ ,  NOVINSKI SK